Why You Should Be Using Pudding Keycaps

Pudding keycaps are a type of keycap that has a double-shot injection molding process. This means that the two plastic layers inside the keycaps are translucent and allow the RGB lights to mesh together. This allows the RGB light to appear more vibrant, and the keycaps are ideal for gamers who want a unique and attractive look for their keyboard.

Extreme Durability

Pudding keycaps are a good way to customize the look of your mechanical keyboard without breaking the bank. They fit most cherry clone keys and are generally thicker around the edges than stock keycaps. Moreover, they sound better than stock keycaps and are less noisy. Moreover, they cost much less than buying a new keyboard.

Pudding keycaps are made of double-shot injection molding, a process that combines two layers of plastic. This ensures that the color of each key is not diluted. Additionally, the translucent walls of the keycaps make it possible for more LED lighting to pass through them.

Enhanced Lighting

The Pudding Keycaps have a unique design that provides increased shine-through capabilities and added style to your keyboard. These keys are made from a PBT material with a slightly rough surface to allow for more LED lighting to shine through. 

These keycaps use a double-shot molding technique for more uniform light distribution. They also include a translucent top that allows the LEDs to shine through. 

Widest Compatibility

Pudding caps are semi-translucent caps that are designed to fit the majority of keyboards, including those with RGB lighting. Pudding Keycaps are made with a 1mm thick wall material and are available in white, pink, or black. The pudding design allows for a universal fit and is also durable, meaning that it can withstand intense use without losing its texture or color.

Pudding Keycaps have a translucent double-layer design. They are made from a double-shot PBT material, which makes them more resistant to solvents. They’re compatible with most mechanical gaming keyboards and include a keycap puller. 

Dual-layer design

Pudding keycaps are made with double-shot injection molding. This process allows for two layers of plastic to be formed with translucent walls that mesh together to make a keycap. The result is a keyboard keycap that functions exactly as expected. This type of keyboard keycap also works well with smaller keyboards with a standard bottom row. These keycaps also come in black and white color options.

Due to the popularity of RGB lighting, pudding keycaps have become increasingly popular, with many companies getting on board. The dual-layer design makes these keycaps highly visible and enhances the readability of each individual key. They are compatible with most mechanical gaming keyboards. Installing them is easy and will not require much expertise.


Pudding keycaps are similar to regular keycaps in terms of function and price, but some keyboard enthusiasts may find them less than ideal. For instance, the texture of the material used for these keycaps is not ideal, and the dual-layer design has been known to separate from the keyboard during heavy use.

Fortunately, the cost of pudding keycaps is relatively affordable, so it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a new keyboard.