Review HyperX Pudding Keycaps by Consumer Tech Review

I’m going to start by taking off all of the keys on my keyboard and then we can start putting on the hyperx pudding keycaps. They look really nice and they have a nice texture on the top, which is not too rough, but definitely not completely smooth either. I really like the font on these keycaps too. Now, I’m going to grind off all of the original keycaps and get ready to put on the hyperx pudding keycaps. I’m so excited to see how my keyboard will look with these keycaps. Okay, now that all of the original keycaps are off, it’s time to put on the hyperx pudding keycaps. I’m going to start from this side and work my way across. These keycaps are really well made and there are no jagged edges or unfinished parts. The clearness of the keycaps looks really nice and the font on top is really nice as well. The texture on top is also really nice, as it’s not completely smooth, but rather has a nice grip to it. I’m really happy with the quality of these keycaps and I think they are a really good value for the price. I’m going to continue putting them on and then we can turn on the keyboard and see how it looks with the rgb lighting.

I have a 10k less keyboard, but these keycaps should work for any full size keyboard with a number pad. The keycaps come with a keycap remover, which is a handy tool for removing the existing keycaps without damaging them. I was impressed by the texture and font of the pudding keycaps when I first saw them. They feel more grippy than the previous keycaps and the font looks better to me. I’m currently in the process of removing all the old keycaps and preparing to install the pudding keycaps. I’m excited to see how they look once they are all installed. The pudding keycaps have a good match in height to the previous keycaps and have a nice texture. There was a small issue with the layout of the keycaps, as the C key was missing and was supposed to be in a different location. However, the space bar is branded with the HyperX logo. Overall, the pudding keycaps are slightly smaller in footprint compared to the previous keycaps on my keyboard.

I put one of the pudding keycaps on just to test it out, and I noticed that it has a distinctively lower sound than the previous keycaps. The pudding keycaps feel higher quality in terms of fit, finish, and texture. I think HyperX did a great job with these keycaps. When I turned the keyboard on, I was impressed by how the RGB lighting looked with the pudding keycaps. It looks much cooler and the lighting glows through the clear bottom portion of the keycaps. From an overhead shot, it might not look as impressive, but from the sides it looks amazing. I’m going to cut to some b-roll footage to show you how it looks from different angles. The font on the pudding keycaps is also much better in my opinion. Overall, I think these keycaps are a great upgrade and make the keyboard look much cooler.

I just finished installing all the pudding keycaps on my keyboard and I think they look great. The keycaps are well made with no jagged edges and have a nice finish. The clear bottom portion of the keycaps and the font on top are both attractive features. The texture on top of the keycaps is more pronounced than the previous keycaps on my keyboard, which I like. The pudding keycaps are a great way to upgrade any mechanical keyboard and they are very affordable. The keycaps come with a keycap remover to make the installation process easy. Even when the keyboard is turned off, the pudding keycaps make the keyboard look cooler because of the clear bottom portion. The keycaps are also available in white, which I think would look great on a white keyboard. The white keycaps would glow through the clear bottom portion when the keyboard is turned on and make the keyboard look even cooler. I think it would be a great idea to do a review of the white pudding keycaps in the future.

I looked around at a lot of different brands that make pudding keycaps, and I ultimately decided to go with HyperX because of the positive reviews and the fact that they are the original makers of these keycaps. While some other brands might be slightly cheaper, the quality of their keycaps is not as good according to the reviews I read. The HyperX keycaps have a nice finish, no rough edges, and the font is well printed. It’s not a huge price difference between the HyperX keycaps and other brands, so I think it’s worth it to get the higher quality keycaps from HyperX. In this video, I’ve included b-roll footage showing the before and after of the keycap installation and how much better the keyboard looks with the pudding keycaps. If you’re interested in upgrading your mechanical keyboard, I recommend checking out the HyperX pudding keycaps.

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