What To Look For In A Pudding Keycap

Pudding Keycaps are a very affordable replacement keycap option for mechanical keyboards. You can purchase a set for less than $30. The set also includes modifiers. This way, you can use the same keycap on multiple mechanical keyboards. Using the same keycap on multiple keyboards can save you from having to swap them out.


The Translucent Pudding Keycap style adds extra brilliance to the keys. Made of ABS material, this translucent keycap is designed to feel slightly different than PBT pudding keycaps but will work with virtually all mechanical gaming keyboards. Installation is easy, and a keycap removal tool is included.

These translucent keycaps are made using a double-shot injection molding technique. This process involves using two layers of plastic with translucent sides, allowing the RGB lighting to blend into each other. This gives the RGB lighting effect a more intense effect.


Ergonomic pudding keycaps come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your unique keyboard. They are made of textured PBT and are durable and long-lasting. The double-shot molding and rough texture on the bottom make them stand out from other keycaps in the same price range. In addition to the various color schemes, these keycaps feature transparent edges that blend into your keyboard’s lighting without obscuring the legend.

Ergonomic pudding keycap sets are increasingly becoming popular, particularly due to RGB lighting. They are affordable and a great upgrade to mechanical keyboards. A variety of companies produce pudding keycap kits. These are great for generating stunning RGB lighting effects, and their smooth exteriors make them comfortable to use.


Pudding keycaps are one of the most popular RGB designs. They use the top half of the keycap for the legend, and the bottom portion is translucent, allowing RGB backlighting to shine through. Several brands offer these keycaps. They are available in different colors and designs and can be found at a variety of stores.

These keycaps are essentially the same as standard keycaps but are made of a polymer that is highly resistant to oil. They are also very inexpensive and can be found in either black or white.

Compatible with all mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches to provide feedback to the user. While most standalone keyboards use carbon or rubber domes, they can wear out quickly and may not provide tactile feedback. With mechanical keyboards, you can adjust the switch parameters to achieve the desired effect. Because each key has a separate switch, you can customize the feel for each one.

Mechanical keyboards vary in size. Some are ultra-low-profile. Ultra-low-profile keyboards use flat square keys with low-profile switches. These low-profile switches reduce the height of the keyboard, making it suitable for use with laptops.


A pudding keycap is a semi-translucent keycap that is rapidly gaining in popularity among keyboard enthusiasts. Their translucent bodies allow for increased illumination without sacrificing readability. The pudding keycap is available from many companies. Its common layout and resultant striking color make it a popular option for those who want to customize their keyboard.

Pudding Keycaps have a translucent double-layer style that provides extra brilliance. These keycaps are made of double-shot PBT, making them resistant to solvents. They are compatible with most mechanical gaming keyboards. They also come with an included Keycap Removal Tool, which makes installation a breeze.