Top 4 Best Pudding Keycaps For 2023

If you’re looking for a high-quality pudding keycap, HyperX is one of the best options to consider. This company is a leader in the peripherals industry and is used by many professional gamers. These keycaps come in a standard OEM height and are very easy to replace if your current one breaks.

The pudding caps are made using double shot injection molding. They are made of two different layers of plastic with a translucent top layer. The translucent design helps the RGB colors mesh together. They are also made with higher-quality plastic. While the pudding keycaps may not look the best in a standard bottom-row keyboard, they are still a solid choice for a new keyboard.

Another benefit of these pudding keycaps is their price, which is less than other similar-quality models. They are available in black or white, and they are compatible with most mechanical gaming keyboards. They also come with a keycap removal tool that makes them easy to remove.

KPrepublic PBT V2 Doubleshot Pudding Keycap

While the KPrepublic PBT V2 Doubleshot Keycap is good, it’s not great. While the overall quality is good, there are some issues with the workmanship. One issue is that the keycaps are not seamless, and you can see small gray spots on the bottom layer. But the overall design is good, and the colors look good.

104/108 PBT Translucent Pudding Keycaps

PBT is a material used in the manufacture of keyboards. It is durable and resistant to solvents, wears, and friction. PBT keycaps also exhibit an excellent feel to the touch. They come in standard ANSI profiles and are suitable for different switches.

PBT is one of the hardest keycap materials. It also retains a consistent texture even after extensive use. In addition, its translucent letters and sides make it ideal for backlighting. They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards. They are also compatible with RGB lighting and are a great upgrade for your keyboard.

KBDiy 110/139 Keys PBT Jelly Pudding Keycap

The PBT Jelly Pudding Keycaps from SteelSeries are designed for extreme durability and compatibility with the widest range of mechanical keyboards. With enhanced lighting, these keycaps are perfect for enhancing the gaming experience. They come with two alternative bottom-row keycaps and fit virtually every mechanical keyboard. These PBT jelly pudding keycaps are ideal for mechanical keyboards of any style and shape.

Cool Jazz 117 PBT Doubleshot Keys Pudding

The Cool Jazz 117 PBT Doubleshot Keycaps are made of durable PBT material, which is extremely resistant to oil, friction, temperature, and corrosion. This set also has two-toned coloration for increased contrast and enhanced RGB lighting effects. It is the perfect choice for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience.

The Cool Jazz 117 PBT Doubleshot Keycaps Kit has 117 keys in total, and they are compatible with MX-style mechanical gaming switches. Moreover, they feature ‘L’-shaped enter keys and 1.25-u Shift keys. These keycaps work on most standard ANSI and ISO keyboard layouts. This set also comes with a double-layer storage tray.